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Ennes History—1690 to 1790

Chapter II

Grand Daddy of Ennes

        The records of Marbleton’s, Ulster County, New York, old Reformed Dutch Church show that the forebearer of many of the Ennis families living in America today (maybe “one of the three brothers in the legend”) was William Ennes (I).[1]

        WILLIAM ENNES (I) was a farmer of Scot descent who married Cornelia Viervant (I) in the spring of 1693 or 1694 at Kingston, New York.
       The records state that in September 1703, two hundred acres of land were deeded him. After his death in 1712, his wife Cornelia Married Lambert Brink at (Esopus) Kingston on May 10, 1717 and later moved to the Minisink Region.
        Cornelis Arenta Viervant,[2] a native of Lexmont, Land of Vianen, Utrecht (Holland) married, in Kingston (Ulster Co., N.Y.) Jeanne Le Sueur,sister of Francois, the Lozier ancestor. He died in 1675 at Fordham, N.Y. leaving one daughter---CORNELIA VIERVANT.
      Jan Jansen Postmael. married Jeanne the daughter of Francois Le Sueur. They leased the Lauren Jansen farm at Harlem on April 23, 1679. They cancelled the lease and moved to Kingston in 1684. They begat Jan, born 1680; Abraham, born 1682; Anna Catrina, born 1684; Elsie, born 1686; and Anthony, born about 1688. When Jan Jansen Postmael died, his widow then married Thomas Innes (Ennes).
        Thomas Ennes and Jeanne begat Jannetje, born September 29, 1695; Jeanne died. Thomas remarried Jennetje Legier. They begat Helena Ennes, born March 3, 1700. All the above is recorded in the Dutch Reformed Church, Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Later Thomas Ennes moved to the Minisink Region—Milford, Pennsylvania on the Delaware River.


Children of William and Cornelia (I)


        Baptismal records at (Mormel) Marbletown whow that William and Cornelia had these children:

Alexander, 1st,
—died young 
Cornelius, 1st,
—died young 
Cornelius, 2nd,
—married Marytje Van Etten
Alexander, 2nd,
—married Zara Middag
born 1-11-1711
—married Elizabeth Quick

        CORNELIUS ENNES (II), son of William (I), a young man born in Hurley, Ulster Co., and residing in Kyserrike, Ulster Co. married MARYTJE VAN ETTEN, a young maiden, born in Hurley,


[1] Roman numerals in parathese indicate the generation of the person according to this narrative.
[2] Information about Cornelia Viervant and other Ennes in this section taken from Harlem History, P. 388-

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