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clay pipe. She did not look very sick to me. I might mention that aunt Arcadilla was the daughterof General Winfield Scott of Mexican War fames.

About three o'clock the next morning., I suddenly woke up with the cramps. The excitement of missing the circus and the "hog" I had made of my self by eating too much pie and cakes had physiced me. I attempted to make it out to the privy by the grainery but didn't. I was so ashamed I never went back in the house for my boots. By daylights I was well on my way to Texas, barefooted

On September 5, 1886, Beecher Ennes married, at Texas, Ohio, Margaret Hardy who was born in Damascus township, Henry County, Ohio, April 30, 1868. Margaret died at Tower, Michigan, April 16, 1957 and was buried there in the family lot in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Margaret was the daughter of Jacob Hardy who was born August 8, 1844, and Harriet Bortel who was born 3-21-1850 and who died at Texas 7-15-1905. Jacob Hardy's parents were Ezra Hardy born in Pennsylvania in 1808 and who died October 1874 at Texas, and Margaret Beck Hardy born 1812 and who died at Texas on May 25, 1883.

The Hardys and the Bortels came from Switzerland, near the German border, with other early Americans and settled in Pennsylvania.

Jacob Hardy and Harriet Bortel were married in 1867. Jacob poled the ferry boat across the Mamnee River at Texas, Ohio for ninety cents a day. They owned their home and only one acre of land but by thrift and frugality, they raised a family of nine children all of whom were successful.


Jacob and Harriet Hardy's children were:

Margaret Rachel Hardy
married Sylvester B. Ennes...Texas
Veda Hardy
married Frank Hoffman... Grand Rapids, Ohio
Elva Hardy
married Wm. Rauch...Colombus, Ohio
Rosa Hardy
married Wm. Gaver... Colombus, Ohio
Floyd Hardy
married Lula Rice, Texas, Ohio
D. C. Hardy
married Kate Robarge, Santiago, Michigan
Roy Hardy
married Pearl Huffman, Liberty Center, Ohio
Wilma Hardy
married Arthur Hyter, Colton, Ohio
Hazel Hardy
married Tollie Chamberlain, Ontonagon, Michigan

After their marriage Sylvester B. Ernies and Margaret lived in Texas in a house on the bank of the canal next to David Hardy's about one block from Jacob Hardy's home. In 1890, Sylvester Ennes and Margaret moved into the house on his inherited forty acres of the Old Ennes Farm. In 1893 they moved into one of the larger Old Ennes Farms on The Wide Water of the Canal. In 1896, they  moved to Au Grea, Michigan by covered wagon.

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