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        Alonzo Hivington Ennes, eldest son of William and Margaret SnellEnneswas born at Schenectady, York State, November 17, 1819. In 1834 he moved with his parents to what later became York Center, York township, Union County, Ohio. Here at the age of sixteen, he taught school and helped his father clear land.

        On September 19, 1846, Alonzo H. Ennes married Olive Bird in Union County. Rev. D. Dudley performed the ceremony.

        Olive Bird’s parents came from York State in 1819, to Cuyahoga County, Ohio, near Cleveland. There they lived for several years, Then they moved to Logan County, Ohio, where on November 17, 1827, Olive was born. She was an only daughter in a large family of boys. In 1839, the Bird family moved from Logan County to a farm in Washington township in Union County, Ohio, about five miles southeast of Mount Victory. Here the family grew. Many Birds served, and two died as Union soldiers in the Civil War. One of Olive Bird’s brothers Gorham, became one of Union County’s prominent citizens.

        After their marriage, Alonzo and Olive Ennes lived in Union County until 1865. He taught school and farmed. Here they had the following children:
born 8/21/1847
Martha Jane,
born 8/10/1849
Ellen Elizabeth,
born 4/3/1853
Amanda Enore,
born 2/26/1859
Lincoln Garibaldi,
born 9/26/1860
Sylvester Beecher,
born 6/26/1863

They then moved to Henry County in February 1865, where Sarah Olive Ennes was born September 11 of that year.

        In the 1860’s, Texas Henry County, Ohio was a thriving village with mills and factories. Texas was located on the Miami and Erie Canal which ran from Toledo to Cincinnati. It was about 25 miles up the Mammee River from Toledo. Here on April 14,1865, Alonzo Havington Ennes and wife Olive purchased 204 acres for $7000.00 cash from Buel G. Fish and his wife Elizaaccording to the records in the office of register of deeds, in volume 11, page 309, at Napoleon, Ohio.

        On this property in Washington township, north of the Canal and bordering Texas on the east, Alonzo and his wife Olive lived and died.Olive Ennes and her baby died here in childbirth on the sixth of June, 1869, at age of 41. It is said that her death inspired her son, Lincoln, who was only 9 at the time to become a doctor for there were no doctors available at his mother’s death. As a result, Lincoln graduated from two of America’s medical schools, Michigan and Long Island College of Medicine.


        Alonzo Havington Ennes died Jan. 6, 1879. On New Years Day that year while butchering hogs, he cut his hand and blood poisoning set in. Doctor Hag was out of town. His son Lincoln was in medical school and no other doctors were available.


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