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SYLVESTER BEECHER ENNES, painter, timber cruiser, son of Alonzo Havington Ennesand Olive Bird, was born in York township, Union County, Ohio, June 26, 1863.


When young, Beecher Ennes helped his father on the farms at Texas, Ohio, where they had lived since he was two. Later he traveled with his uncle, Albert Brown who ran a huckster wagon in northern Ohio.


Beecher Ennes told the following story about a visit to his mother’s folks, the Birds, in Union County, Ohio.


“In 1877, when I was 14 years old, I visited relatives in Washington township in Union County.”


“That spring, father had the shoemaker on his annual trip to Texas make a pair of shoes for each member of our family. He made me a fine looking pair of leather boots with shiny brass toes.”


“Father told me I could visit my mother’s folks, uncle Gorham Bird and other relatives living south of Mount Victory in Union County, Ohio after the spring crops were planted.


As it was only 60 miles from Texas to uncle Gorham’s farm, I walked. I had gone only a few miles when I found my new brasstoed boots were too tight. They pinched my feet. I took them off and walked bare-footed. In two days I was there. I was treated royally by all the relatives. Everywhere I went, they kept me stuffed with pie, cake and goodies for I was the only member of the Ennes family at Texas who had ever visited them.”


“On the morning of my third day, there, uncle Gorham came to my cousin and me and said “Boys, mother is sick. I want you to go to Mount Victory and get the doctor.” Uncle Gorham had many fine riding horses. We each mounted a horse and galloped to town. Just as we were entering Mount Victory, a circus was erecting its tents. We had never seen a circus. The wild animala thrilled us. We were so excited we forgot all about getting the doctor. We tied our horses to fence posts. We had no money. We wanted to see everything.We got a job feeding elephants and carrying water for admission. We had our work done and were about to enter the tent when we looked up the road.—


There was uncle Gorham., riding like the wind, his long whiskers parted as he rode toward us. He dashed up. He shouted, "Where is the Doctor!" You scampers, your mother dying, and your attending a puppet show! Get home at once. We jumped on our horses and rode home. Uncle rode on for the doctor. When we arrived at the fam, there was my aunt Arcadilla sitting in a rocking chair on the large front porch, serenely smoking a


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