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Chapter III

Ennis Families—1790


        Listed here are names of heads of Ennis families (all spellings) living in the United States north of Maryland with the exception of New Jersey whose census records are lost.


        In Dauphin Co., Pa,, Alexander, Robert, and Joshua; in Mass., Suffolk Co., Dorchester Town, Thomas; and at Boston Town, John; and in Bristol Co., Free Town, William; in New York, Ulster Co., at Newburgh, James; at Marbleton, George, William, and Cornelius; and at Rochester, Hartman. States not listed had no Ennis. Therefore in all northeastern United States in 1790 there were only eleven Ennis families.


Ennis Living In New Jersey


        According to records, nearly all Ennis in New Jersey lived in Bergen, or Sussex counties in the northern part of the State, portions of which were at one time in New York.


        Listed here is another will which tells more about Ennis not already mentioned who lived in New Jersey about 1790. (Archives of the State of New Jersey. First Series Vol. XXXVIII Calendar of N.J. Wills. Admins. Etc Vol. IX 1796-1800 p. 123)


1797, Feb. 8 ENNIS, James, Sr., of Barbadoes Neck, Bergen Co., will of Eldest son, James, 25 acres of land at Broadberry’s lane, Acquaknonk Twsp., Essex Co. Youngest sonJohn, home place, when 21; also 5 acres of woodland bounded on lands of William Kingsland and lands of Elizabeth Harrison; he paying my daughters, Mary and Jane, each £20. Son, William £25. Residue to be divided between the first 4 mentioned children, i.e., James, John, Mary and Jane Ennis.

Executors—son, James and nephew William Duval.

Witnesses—John Scidmore, Casparus DeGray and

John Ennis

Proved, Oct. 20, 1797

        There was also in New Jersey a General Roger Ennis; a David Ennes who served with Light Horse Harry Lee; and a William Ennes who was hanged by orders from Lord Howe in December 1776, William’s son, Richard, age 6, was made witness the hanging.


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