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(This eulogy, composed by Ambert Wilkin's sons after his death, was delivered by
his son, Gary, at the funeral, at Case Chapel, Saginaw, Michigan, June 21, 1968.)

        Our dad was the center of our family life, meals were planned on his arrival home from work. Our acts of the day, be they good or bad, were discussed then. He corrected us when needed. He taught us right from wrong. He taught us to love the great outdoors.
        As soon as we were old enough, we went along with him fishing or hunting. He taught us safety in swimming and handling of guns, and the maintenance of shoes, bikes and baseball mitts.
        When in school, he helped us with our study by giving us encourgement.
        Our father was a great comfort to us when we were ill. Just his presence made us feel better.
        In service, when I was lonely, his letters would brighten my spirit. I've kept his letters to this day.

        In my father's endeavors, he always saw things through. He was a stickler for making sure it was done right.
        He was a strong union man dating back to when he worked in the forge. I've heard my father mention about his old friends at work who had passed on before retirement. He, himself, was looking forward so much to an early retirement, and a more relaxed life at Tower, Michigan, where he loved to be with his grandchildren and to fish and hunt.
        He had more friends than I had realized as I have seen them come to pay their last respects. I have never met a person that had a bad thing to say about my father, though some did not agree with his beliefs as he was a strong Democrat.
        My father never possessed a prejudice of any kind in regards to a man's color, his race or religion. He judged men for their quality and character. I can testify to this, for his friends are the nicest fellows I know.
        He had the gift of "Gab" and a "Dry" sense of humor which made us laugh, often though it was after the merriment, that his full depth of wit was understood. He was a compassionate father who didn't need to be prompted to help a sick or needy neighbor, friend or relative.
        He always was a good provider. We never worried where the next meal was coming from, or about ever finding an empty sock on Christmas morning or the lack of a birthday gift.
        In recent years, his joys have been his daughters-in-law and grandchildren, lie captured the hearts of both.
        Of all his hobbys, fishing was the one he liked the most. Few things were more dear to him than a few hours at his favorite fishing spot with close friends.
        It cannot always be honestly said a man was a good man, but Ambert Wilkins was a good man.
        We went to him for advice with the assurance that his experience and wisdom would shed new light on problems and decisions. He did not disappoint us.
        He dealt fairly in all his financial dealings and never failed to pay his debts.
        I think I took him for granted while he was living. We loved him very much, and if there were more men like him in this world, it would be a lot better place to live.

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