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They begat:

Calvin Ennes,
born 10/3/1887 at Texas, Ohio, married Veva 1. Harris.
Mark Ennes,
born 8/3/1889 at Texas, Ohio, married Blanch Terrian... divorced married Marie DeBaeker
Roscoe Ennes,
Born 1/6/1892 at Texas, Ohio, Married Gladys Chamberlain.
Max Ennes,
born 9/1/1893 at Texas, Ohio, married Lila Veihl.
Olive Ennes,
born 11/1/1900 at Au Ores, Michigan, married Charles Collins.
Asa Ennes,
born 11/14/1903 at Au Gres, Michigan,, married Mrs. Lois Watson.
Helen Ennes,
born 8/27/1905 at Au Gres, Michiqan, died 9/29/31.
Cecil Ennes,
born 9/2/1908 in Tennessee, died 6/28/1929.
Marv Ennes,
born 2/1/1913 at Ontonagon, Michigan, married Ambert Wilkins.

In 1908, Sylvester Beecher and family moved to Ontonagon where they lived until 1917. Then they moved to Tower, Michigan. There he lived until he died January 21, 1953 and was buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery there.




MARK ENNES, born 8/31/1889, married Blanch Toman of Onfonagon in 1911. They bore one son, Eugene Mark Ennes, who became a merchant marine seaman. Mark and Blanch divorced. Mark then married Mrs. Marie DeBaeker of Sidnaw, Michigan.

Mark Followed the railroad all his life, first as a fireman and then as an engineer. He died in Escanaba, Michigan in 1941. He was buried at Green Bay, Wisconsin, his home.


ROSCOE ELDON ENNES, born 1/6/1892, son of Sylvester Beecher Ennes and Margaret Hardy of Texas, Ohio, was married March 24, 1913, to Gladys Chamberlain, born 9/26/1894, daughter of Libbeus and Lydia Chamberlain, of Ontonagon, Michigan.

Roscoe worked the Duluth & Iron Range R. R. Co. Later he worked in the woods and ran river boats at Ontonagon for the Hawley Lumber Company. Then for some years he was under sheriff of Ontonagon County, after which he became Captain of a pleasure yacht that ran from Ontonagon to Isle Roval in Lake Superior. In 1942, Roscoe and Gladys moved to Flint where he worked at machine repair, and she as a counselor at Buick. After World War II, Gladys worked for Smith Bridgemans and Roscoe at painting and decorating until they retired in 1965. Then they moved back to their home town, Ontonagon.

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