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        JOSEPH ENNES, (III), born 1751, son of William and Elizabeth Quick, married 6-22-1770, GRIETJE VAN ETTEN, who was baptized, daughter of Johannis Van Etten and Marrietje (Harriet) Westmeal. Joseph was prosperous. He ran a ferry across the Delaware River at Dingsman Landing. It is said that he aided two of his sons who migrated to New York in 1806 and settled in the vicinity of Alloway, New York. He sent them money and visited them about 1819. (more later)

        Joseph Ennes (III) and Grietje’ children were:


        Elizabeth (IV), bp. 2-10-1773; Wilhelmus (IV), bp. 6-14-1775; Johannis J. (IV) bp. 1-24-1779; Joseph (IV) bp. 1-2-1786; Catrina (IV), b. 5-27-1791; and Daniel (IV), b. 9-21-1788 and bp. 10-12-1788. (taken from Mackenchamack Church records)

        Wilhelmus (IV) married in 1793, his cousin, Marie (Ennes), daughter of Benjamin, who was killed at Raymondskill Oreek in the Battle of Connesbaugh in April 1780.


        JOHN ENNES (III), son of William Ennes (II) and Elizabeth Quic , was born 3-9-1754 and who died 6-21-1778. The name of the women he married is not known. (She may have been Anna Godivn.) They had a son John born in 1776, and maybe Cornelius and an Alexander. John was a private in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. Snell’s history of Sussex and Warren County, New Jersey, states: “One of the earliest settlers in Stumptown, Union town was a carpenter named Ennis, who in 1811 relinquished his business to his sons John and Alexander, carpenters, who then ran the shop.” John’s son, Cornelius, may have been the Ennis referred to above.


        ALEXANDER ENNES (III), born 8-16-1759, son of William Ennes (II) and Elizabeth died at the age of ten.


        CORNELIUS ENNES, 2nd, (III), born 11-5-1761, (Cornelius the 1st, b. 11-26-1756, died 9-10-1760) son of William Ennes (II) and Elizabeth Quick died in 1836, Cornelius served in the American Revolution. He owned much real estate. His descendants migrated through northern Pennsylvania and southern New York. He is said to have frozen his feet while aiding Washington’s troops across the Delaware River on Christmas Eve at the time of the Battle of Trenton.


        Cornelius married ELEANOR DECKER who was born in 1756 and who died in 1791, Their eldest son, Levi Ennes (IV) was born in 1782. He died in 1858. Levi married Mary Adams who was born in 1788 and died in 1869. (Cornelius’ fifth son, James (IV) married Mary Ann Dunn.) Levi (IV), and Mary Adams bore Alexander (V) Ennes who was born 1816 and died in 1879. Alexander (V) married Eleanor Stevens. Alexander (V) and Eleanor bore Anna Amelia Ennes (VI) who at Standing Stove, Pennsylvania married John Rahm in 1866.


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