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MAX ENNES, born 9-1-1893, Henry County, Ohio, a veteran of World War I, married Lila Viehl of Tower, Michigan.

Max was a hunter and trapper. During the great Depression in the 1930's he took his family to Palmer in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska where they remained until the government moved the families out during World War II. While in Alaska, he trapped with the Eskimos and had many exciting adventures.

They begat:

FRANK ENNES, born 1929, married Audra Van Allen, born in 1930. Frank and Audra live at Cheboygan, Michigan where he is a machinist with the Detroit Tap and Tool Company.

They have four children. Christine, a Wave, in the U.S. Navy, (1968), and Timothy, Michelle, and Roseanna.

MERLE ENNES, born 1930 in Tower, Michigan, son of Max and Lila Ennes, married several times and has many children, some of whom are: Toni L. and Maxine,Debra and Alien. Merle Ennes is a linesman for power and telephone construction companies working in Michigan.

ETTA ENNES, born In Tower, Michigan in 1932, married Floyd Walters, an automobile dealer, from Tower, Michigan.

They begat:

Arlinda, Glenn, Maryand Sandra, all of Tower, Michigan. Arlinda Marie married Donald L. Horrocks on 6-21-1969 at St.Paul's Church in Onaway,



OLIVE ENNES, born 11-1-1900 at Au Ores, Michigan, daughter of Sylvester B. Ennes and Margaret Hardy, married at Alpena, Michigan on June 8, 1925, Charles Collins of Detroit. They had no children.

Olive taught school at Tower and at Turner, Michigan. She died of tuberculosis at Tower on July 14, 1931. She was buried in the Ennes Family Lot in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Tower, Mich.


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