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        So, in 1846, William Ennes and his son, Alonzo, who had just married Olive Bird, went into partnership and paid for this and other adjoining property on Bokers Creek in Union County. Over the years, William Ennes bought and sold much property in and near York Center in Union County, Ohio. Many other settlers came from New York to live in this area which became known as York Center. Land records of that county tell of William Ennes selling one parcel of his property at Sommerville, three miles from York Center, in 1875, when he was eighty-two years old.

His daughter, Frances, married Robert Davis, a farmer, in 1842.

        The York Township Cemetery is located on the old Davis farm, which was part of the old William Ennes farm.

        William A. Ennes and his unmarried children lived on the Old Ennes Farm on Bokers Creek until 1858, when his wife, Margaret, died. Then they lived with his duaghter, Priscilla, her husband and their family who now ran the farm.

        William Ennes remarried on October 24, 1861, Mrs. Anna Richardson Dibble. He was sixty-eight years old at the time. William and Anna then move to Jefferson Township, Logan County, Ohio about ten miles west of his old home. Here he lived until he died on November 7, 1880. He was buried in the MaKendrie Cemetery on the Old Davis Farm in York township, Union County, Ohio near his wife Margaret Elizabeth. His second wife Anna died in 1895.

        For future historians or others who may care to know more about the William A. Ennes family history in Ohio, here is a brief story of his family and where they were living in 1880, soon after his death.


William Ennes (V)óMargaret SnellChildren


       MARGARET MARIE ENNES (VI), born in New York about 1820, married Rev. Samuel Sorthard. They lived at West Mansfield, Logan County, Ohio, in 1880.

        They bore: Nellie S. Sylinger (VII) who lived at 382 Durant St., Fresno, Calif. The Sylingers had two children Margaret Lee (VIII) and Florence Badiole (VIII).

        Jessie S. Williams (VII) who lived at 1130 West Bridge St., Grant Pass, Oregon. They begat: Chrystal Burnett (VIII), Catherine Smith (VIII), Fred Williams (VIII), Kennard Marshall (VIII), Donald Williams (VIII) and Kenneth Williams (VIII).

        Fred Southard (VII)óno record.

        Iva S. Hunt married John Price of 7944 Hilrose St., Sunland, Calif. They bore: Iva Horton (VIII), L. Dale Price (VIII), Virginia Pittijohn (VIII), and Anna Adair (VIII).

        FRANCES JANE ENNES (VI), born about 1821 in New York married in 1842 in Union County, Ohio, Robert E. Davis. There is no record of children. Living in 1880, at Bradner, Wood County, Ohio.

        WILLIAM ENNES (VI), born in 1828 in New York was mentally retarded. He lived with his parents or relatives, until he

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