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Ambertt and Mary begat:

Ronald Ambert Wilkins, born 4-14-1939, married Becky J. Gillis.
Gary Lee Wilkins born 12-14-1940, married Sharon Lucille Swan.

RONALD AMBERT WILKINS, born in Saginaw, Michigan, graduated from Arthur Hill Trade School, served four years in the U.S. Coast Guard, then followed the carpenter trade.

He married at E.U.B. Church, Saginaw, Michigan, July 14, 1962 Becky J, Gillis, born 9-19-1943, daughter of James Gillis and Frances Gillis of Saginaw. They now live (1968) at Freeland.

They begat:

Jeffry Allan Wilkins born 1-5-1963 at Saginaw, Michigan.
(Shannon) Elizabeth Wilkins, born 3-3-1964, at Saginaw, Michigan.
Amy Frances Wilkins, born 6-..-1969, at Saginaw, Michigan.

GARY LEE WILKINS, born 12-14-1940, attended Saginaw schools, served four years in the US Navy, and has worked since that time for the Chesapeake and Ohio R. R. as switchman, brakeman and conductor.

Gary married, 2-16-1963, at Homer Methodist Church, near Midland, Michigan, Sharon Lucille, Swan, who was born, 4-12-1942 in Weidman, Michigan, the daughter of Donald and Mary Esch Swan.

They begat at Saginaw:

Patrick David Wilkins,born 9-15-1963
Cindy Marie Wilkins,born 2-5-1966

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