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ASA ENNES, born 11-14-1903 in Au Gres, Michigan, son of Sylvester B. Ennes and Margaret Hardy. He is a veteran of the U. S. Coast Guard. He worked for the Presque Isle Rural Electric Company as a power plant operator for many years at Tower, Michigan. In 1938, he married Mrs. Lois Estelle Worden Watson, who was born in 1899 in Gregory, Michigan.

Lois graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. degree and had a Life Certificate from the Eastern Michigan University at Ypsilanti, Michigan.

They begat at Tower,Michigan:

MARK ENNES, born 1941, graduated from Ferns State College in Civil Engineering. In 1968, b was employed by the State Highway Department.

MARGARET ENNES, born 1944, a graduate of Ferns State Pharmacy School and holder of a Doctors Degree in Pharmacology from the University of Michigan, in 1968. Dr. Ennes married Dr. Mahmoud Shafii on 3-22-1969 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

RUTH ENNES, born 1945, married Clifford Swett, born in 1944 at Onaway.

They begat:

Janette Marie Swett, born at Onaway, Michigan on



MARY MARGARET ENNES, the youngest of Sylvester Beecher Ennes and Margaret Rachel Ennes, was born in Ontonagon, 2-1-1913.

The family moved in 1917 to Tower, Michigan where she attended grade school and graduated from nearby Onaway High School, and Presque Isle County Normal. She taught school and earned degree credits at Eastern State University at Ypsilanti, Michigan.

On June 5, 1937, Mary Ennes married Ambert Wilkins, of Hemlock, Mich., son of George A.Wilkins and Eva Murray Wilkinsof Hemlock.

Ambert Wilkins, born 5-13-1916, graduated from Hemlock High School, and was employed at the Chevrolet Transmission Division of General Motors all of his adult life. He was a Master Mason, and served in the United States Air Force in World War II.

Ambert died 6-18-19686 He was buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery at Tower. Michigan.


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