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Charles Hanchett, born March 8, 1844 in Nashville, Michigan was a Civil War veteran. He was wounded in the Battle of Wilderness during that war while acting as a sharpshooter. Charles’ injuries troubled him all his life. He received a pension and acted as a lock tender for the state of Ohio at the lock at the Canal at Texas. He died Nov. 15, 1920 at Texas, Ohio. Ellen,his wife, died Dec. 11, 1905 at Texas, Ohio.

Their children were:

Roy Hanchett, born 8-23-1873. He drowned in Bad Creek 7-21-1882.

Ray Ashley Hanchett, born May 23, 1880. He married Effie(?). He died 7-29-1957 at San Bernardino, California.

Amy Pearl Hanchett, born 9-2-1885. In 1902, married James Hendricks. Their daughter, Ellen Ryman, bore Charles Henry McKeen. Charles McKeen married Ella and they bore: Gwen, Valerie, and Butch. Gwen married Larry L. Headrick and they bore Amy, the Great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of William Ennes (1967) at Flint.



AMANDA ENNES BELLINGER, born February 26, 1859, in York Center, Union County, Ohio, married Sheldon Lawrence Bellinger. She died on July 13, 1947. Sheldon Lawrence Bellinger, born March 19, 1858, died February 25, 1910.


They beget:

Merle Ennes Bellinger,
born March 12,, 1881,—died May 5. 1902 in Texas, Ohio.
Elbert Roy Bellinger,
born July 14, 1883, Texas, Ohio—died December 15, 1967,
Charles Dumont Bellinger,
born December 4. 1885, Texas, Ohio.
Laura Bellinger Day,
born April 10, 1888 in Findlay, Ohio.
Mabel Bellinger Johnston,
born June 25,, 1890 in Findlay, Ohio.
Ella Eulalia Bellinger
born October 23, 1893 in Findlay, Ohio & died on February 17, 1926.
Mildred Emma Bellinger Feller,
born December 29, 1895 in Findlay,
Ethel Olive Bellinger Bargar,
born August 19, 1900 in Findlay,


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