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In 1798, all the members of Benjamin’s family, along with kinfolks, the Van Ettens and others moved from the Minisink Region to Cayuta Township, Tingo County, New York in the Susquehanna Valley—more later.


        DANIEL ENNES (III), born 11-30-1745, son of William (II), and Elizabeth Quick was a farmer and blacksmith. Later he owned a tavern situated on the main stage route to Owasco, New York. Old records say Daniel was uprights worthy and well-liked. He served as a midshipman in the American Revolutionary War.


        He married ELEANOR HORNBECK. They had two sons and several daughters. By industry and perseverance they acquired valuable property. One, a farm where his son Alexander resided in New Jersey near Brick House (now destroyed by the approaches of a bridge over the Delaware River) and another near Owasco Lake in New York, later owned by their son, James Ennes, sometimes spelled Jacobus Annis,


        Later in life Daniel and his good wife Eleanor moved to New York, too, where they lived to a ripe old age. Daniel was ninety-four when he died in 1838, His wife was ninety-one when she died in 1837. Both were buried in the Owasco Cemetery, Cayuga County, New York.


        Daniel made a Will dated 10-24-1837. In it he mentioned the names of his children: (1) to heirs of son, James; (2) to my son, Alexander; (3) to daughter, Elizabeth Van Etten; (4) to heirs of Polly Dexter; (5) to Ruth Shimer, wife of Richard: (6) to daughter, Sally Westbrook; (7) to heirs of my daughter, Hydia Adams.


More about Daniel’s Children


        JAMES ENNES (IV), born 4-11-1767, son of Daniel, and Eleanor Hornbecko married Hannah DeWitt. They had at least one daughter Elizabeth, born 1791. They owned a farm near the outlet of Skaneateles Lake, New York. More will be given under U.S. census later.


        ALEXANDER ENNES (IV), the other son of Daniel, and Eleanor Hornbeck, lived near the Brick House (a noted stage stop in Minisink Region in New Jersey). Alexander’s wife’s name is not known. He had children: Sally Ann  (V), who married Joseph Westbrook, and Daniel (V), who married 3-8-1828, Jemina Hornbeck, The last mentioned produces too many descendants to be listed here.


        MARGARIET ENNES (III), born 7-17-1748, second daughter of William, and Elizabeth Quick, married Jacobus Hornbeck, a miller. They bore several sons—one named Evert—and daughters, Elizabeth baptized 1772, and Lena, baptized 1780.


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