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        is dedicated to my loving wife, Veva, who has been my companion for nearly sixty years and my father and mother who like thousands of other pioneers worked to make America a better country.

Calvin Ennes, August 1969

Thanks a Million


        To Mrs. Mary Jane Trout and staff, at the Michigan State Library; to the Ohio State Library, the New York State Library; The Burton Historical Collection; The Schenectady Historical Asso.; Montgomery County Historical Asso,; The New Jersey Historical Asso.; C.V. Crane, Pres. Of The Minisink Historical Society; The Ulster County Historical Society; to Harrieta M. Wheeler, Chairman of the Society for Genealogical Research, Detroit Historical Society; Wm. Heidgert of Du Bois Family Association; To Mrs. Bernice Heiner, Utah; Mrs. Theta Hubman, Washington; Mabel Ennis, Oregon; Mrs. Rebecca (Ennis) Treznor, New York; Mrs. Marguerete Ennis Kelly, Md.; Kenneth Ennis, Michigan, Mrs. Eleanor Myers at the Library in Syracuse, N.Y; to my daughter Lucy; to Donna and John, Susanne, and Janis, my grandchildren; and John Ennis of London, England for their aid in furnishing material and putting together, “A Bit About The Ennis.”

                                                                                                                              Calvin Ennes

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