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died in 1872 in Jefferson township, Logan County, Ohio.

        PRISCILLA ENNES (VI), born 1831 in New York, married in1851 in Union County, Ohio, Robert Brooks born in New York. The Federal Census of 1860 lists: Margaret R.age seven, born in New York; Amanda age five, born in Ohio; Mary I. Age three, born in Ohio; Frances E. age one, born in Ohio.

        Living with them at that time (1860) was her father William A. Ennes born in New Jersey, age sixty-seven; William age 33, born in New York, and Franklin age 16, born in Ohio.

        In 1880 Priscilla and her family were living at Lexington, McLean County, Illinois.

        ELLEN E. ENNES (VI), born 1834, Union County, Ohio, married In 1856 in Union County, Ohio to Matthew Elliott. They resided in 1880 at Carelton, Caroll County, Iowa. They had at least one son, Asa Elliott (VII) of Coon Rapids, Iowa and who died in Lakeland, Florida at the age of ninety-eight. Asa’s adopted daughter, Marie (VIII), who married a Zunkle. Matthew Elliot’s sister, Nancy, was the mother of Thomas Alva Edison.

        LORENZO DAVID ENNES (VI), born in 1838 in Union County, Ohio was married 12-28-1858 in Union County, Ohio to Elizabeth Hornbeckby Rev. Samuel Southard, his sister Margaret’s husband. In 1860, they had a son William J. (VII), eight months old. In 1880, Lorenzo and family were living at Grier, in Union County, Ohio.

        FRANKLIN ENNES (VI), born 1842 in Union County, Ohio, married Mary Hornbeck, 1-2-1862. There is no record of Franklin in his father’s will which was administered in Logan County, Ohio on December 8, 1880 after the death of Wm. A. Ennes in Jefferson township in November 1880.

        Another odd thing about the last two marriages—Lorenzo’s and Franklin’s was that they married sisters, It is very probable that these two sisters were distant Ennes relatives.


        Old records state that Daniel Ennes born in Sandyton, New Jersey in 1745 and Margriet Ennes, his sister, also married Hornbecks.


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