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the Assembly.

        The first election of town officers was May 9, 1854. George Hall, Supervisor; John Swartwood, town clerk; Daniel Swartwood, James Ennis, Nicholas Richards, assessors; Lauren Stewart, Uriah Osborn and Seymour Rurchards, Commissioners of Highways; Emanual Ennis, Superintendent of Schools; Guy Purdy, Justice of the Peace; William Campbell, John Swartwood, John Ennis, inspectors of election, (Town Clerk 1865-66, Miles Ennes, Justices of the Peace, 1873 Elijah Rugar. 1876 Lowman Ennis. 1880-1884, Lowman Ennis.

        The Hedding Methodist Church at Swartwood had its origin soon after the first settlement of the town. Religious meettngs were held at private houses. A class was formed about 1805. John Shoemaker, Emanual Ennis, Benjamin Ennis, John Ennis and their wives were some of the first members. Benjamin and Alexander Ennis erected a church which was first used as a place of free worship. Ten years later it was purchased by the Methodist Society.

        The 1831—Van Etten—Book of Records of Disbursements contains these items;

        Paid to James Ennis as a bounty on a wild cat, two dollars.

        Five dollars paid to Peter Ennis as a bounty on a wolf.

        (Taken from the History of Seven Counties)


Ennis History 1790-1830


        The descendants of Cornelius who froze his feet when Washington crossed the Delaware settled in northern Pennsylvania and southern New York and by 1830, some were living in Berlin Township near Erie, Ohio.

        The descendants of Benjamin settled the Susquehanna Vally in southern New York. There were hundreds of them living in Irish settlements there In 1850.

        The descendants of Daniel settled still farther north near Lyons in Wayne County, New York. Here is what Wayne County history tells about this family:


        Ennis, Charles (deceased), was born in Alloway, September 1, 1835. His grandfather, William, came from New Jersey in 1806, and bought a tract of land in the southern part of Lyons, known as Squire Parks farm. His father, Robert Ennis, was a prominent contractor and in 1847 bought the Captain Towar residence and sawmill. He died in 1860. Charles Ennis, the fourth son, was educated at Lima and Hobart College, Geneva, and afterward removed to Minnesota, and in 1865 he with his brothers founded the Commercial National Bank of Chicago, wich at present is one of the leading banks of Chicago, and of which he was cashier. In 1867 he returned to Lyons. At the age of twenty-nine he married Emma L., daughter of Deacon Newell Taft, of Lyons, and they were the parents of three children: Charles T., Willard G., and Marian. Charles T. is now preparing for admission to the bar of Wayne county in the office of J. W. Dunwell. He had many very large busi-


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