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Ellen Hanchettreceived and lived on the Ennes farm between Martha’s and the village of Texas.

Amanda Bellingerwas given the farm east and north of the Paddy McGrain Place. The Bellingers sold their property and moved to Findlay, Ohio when the oil boom hit there.

Lincoln Garibaldi Enneswas given money for his medical education in lieu of a farm.

Sylvester Beecher Ennes inherited the place between the Old Ennes Farm and Sarah Olive Miller farm which east of Paddy McGrain Place. Sylvester lived on this Ennes place during 1890-1893, then moved to the Ennes farm east of the Old Ennes farm bordering Miami and Erie Canal’s Wide water on the north. There, he and his family lived until 1896 when he sold it and moved to Au Gres, Michigan.


ORDELLA ENNESmarried David Bowker. They had two children, Logan and Blanch. Ordella died April 17, 1871, age 24. Their daughter, Blanch married a Noble. They had three children: Nellie, who married Wilford Colbeck, Carl O. Noble of 2040 Kollon St., Saginaw, Michigan and Jesse Frazer living at Pontiac (1968.)

MARTHA JANE ENNES married Albert Brown. They had five children, three boys and two girls. Albert Brown was a salesman. He ran a huckster wagon to County Fairs and door to door selling things like spring seats, water pumps and hundreds of items in demand then.

Young Sylvester Beecher Ennes traveled with Albert on his many trips. It was a hard life for them and a harder life for Martha, his wife, who lived with her father at the Old Ennes Farm taking care of her children. After Ordella died in 1871, Martha was the oldest. Alonzo Emes gave her the Old Family Bible.

Shortly after her father Alonzo died in 1879, Martha left Brown, took her family, the Bible, which had the Ennes family records back to 1666 in Ireland, few belongings and went to Arkansas. On the way the boat was wrecked while on the Mississippi. The Bible and her belongings were lost, but the family survived. Several years later she came back to Texas with her youngest son Edward and visited. She was never heard from again after she returned to Arkansas.

ELLEN ELIZABETH ENNES married Charles H. Hanchett at the Old Ennes Home in front of the old fireplace in the big diningroom on Christmas Day, December 25, 1871, in the presence of David Bowker and Martha Brown.

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