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They begat:


Ethel Fern Ennes, born 4/21/1918, died 1956 after a long illness Elden Roscoe Ennes, born 2/6/1914, married Dorothy Price



ELDEN ROSCOE ENNES, born 2/6/1914, in Ontonagon County, son ofRoscoe and Gladys  Ennes, married in Lansing Michigan 9/13/1937.

Dorothy May Price born 5/17/1915 at Lansing, daughter of William Price and Emma Pauline Zischle of Genesee County, Michigan.

Elden worked many years as a forger for Buick Motor Company.

They begat:

Marjorie Jean Ennes, born 5/14/1938, Ontonagon, married Karl Kurz.
Sherryl Kay Ennes, born 4/17/1941, Lansing, married Robert P. Walcott.
Dorothy Mae Ennes ,born 4/5/1945 in Lansing.
Larry Elden Ennes born 8/20/1947 in Lansing.

MARJORIE JEAN ENNES, born in Ontonagon Township, Ontonagon County, Michigan, daughter Of Elden and Dorothy Ennes, was married August 2, 1958 to Karl Thomas Kurz in the Trinity Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan.

Their children:

Scott Alan Kurz, born 9/30/1960 at Beauman Hospital in Birmingham, Michigan
Kristen Therese Kurz, born 11/23/1963 in Birmingham, Michigan.

SHERRYL KAY ENNES, born in Flint of Genesee County, Michigan, married Robert Pierce Wolcott, October 13,1963.

They begat:

Jeffrey Robert Wolcott, born 9/12/1966 at McLaren Hospital in Flint, Michigan.
Randall Paul Wolcott born 6/20/1968

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