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LINCOLN GARIBALDI ENNES, born Septemr 26, 1860 in Union County, Ohio moved with his parents to Texas, Ohio in 1865, where he lived and married Grace Crozier of Texas, Ohio, who was born January 22, 1872.


Dr. L. G. Ennes graduated from the Long Island College of Medicine and the University of Michigan Medical School. He practiced medicine for many years at Liberty Center, Ohio. He was one of Ohio’s outstanding physicians. During the terrible influenza epidemic of 1917-18, he won an enviable record for his treatment of that disease. He lost only five out of 670 cases.


After he retired, he moved to Lakeland, Florida, where he died September 11, 1951. His wife Grace died there too, January 10, 1956. Their ashes were buried in the Ennes Family lot at Texas, Ohio.


They bore one daughter, Ruby Olive Ennes, who was born September 8, 1890 at Texas, Ohio.


RUBY OLIVE ENNES, married November 25, 1914 at Liberty Center, Ohio, Paul Asa Parker, born January 1, 1891 at Toledo, Ohio.


They begat:


Mary Etta, born 4/6/1916 at Liberty Center, Ohio.

Paula Jane, born 6/21/1917 at Liberty Center, Ohio.


MARY ETTA PARKER, married Julian H. Teague, 6/15/1940


They begat:


Jacklyn Louise Teague, born 1/21/1945


PAULA JANE PARKER, married John E. Clauder, 5/14/1938. They begat:

Mary Ann Clauder,
born 2/16/1939
Judith Gay,
born 3/23/1940
born 1/26/1946
Paul Edwin,
born 7/16/1954

MARY ANN CLAUDER, married Norman Jesse, 8/1/1964


They begat:


Anna Jesse, born 5/5/1965 and Thomas Edward Jesse


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