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Ennes Move Westward


        WILHELMUS ENNES (IV), b. 6-14-1775, son of Joseph Ennes (III) and Grietje Van Etten married his cousin Marie (Ennes), daughter of Benjamin and Magdalena Van Etten. (who may have been two brothers marrying sisters)

        They bore in 1793 or 1794, William A. Ennes (IV), then moved from New Jersey in 1798 to Tioga Co. New York with Marie’s mother, brothers and sisters and other Van Etten kinfolk.

        The federal census of 1810 for Tioga Co., Spencer Township—Van Etten Township, Chemuny County, now—lists the following Ennis residing there at that time:


Manuel Enni —males: 1 under 10; 1 between 26 and 45

        females: 1 between 16 and 26


John Ennis—males: 2 under 10; 1 between 26 and 45

        females: 4 under 10; 1 between 10 and 16; 1 between 26 and 44


Wilhelmus Ennis—males: 1 under 16 and 26; 1 between 26 and 45

(Joseph’s son)females: 1 under 10; 1between 10 and 16; between 26 and 45; 1 over 45


Benjamin Ennis—males: 2 under 10; 1 between 21 and 45

        females: 2 between 10 and 16; 1 between 26 and 45


Alexander Ennis—males: 1 under 10; 1 between 21 and 45

        females: 2 between 10 and 16; 1 between 21 and 45


        Other censuses of this region show that for the next forty years Emanuel, John, Benjamin and Alexander and their descendants remained here.

        Wilhelmus and Marie moved to Catherine Twp., Cayuta County, sometime after 1810, for he was on the 1820 census there at that time.


        Here is what history tells about Benjamin Ennis’ families and their kinfolk:


Ennis History


        Alexander, John, Emanuel, and Benjamin Ennis settled near Cayuta Creek above the Swartwood families in 1798. They were the sons of Benjamin Ennis, Revolutionary Patriot who was killed in 1780. His grandfather, William Ennis, emigrated from Northern Ireland and settled near Port Jervis. The Ennis families inherited the traits of character which made them and their descendants worthy citizens.

        Van Etten was formed from Erin and Cayuta. The name was given the town in honor of James B. Van Etten, the member of


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