Hello, My name is Andi and comes from Germany. My English is really bad so I use a translation program. I found your side in search of construction manuals for the model, or canned Stirling. I can be led by the ideas and tricks the other builder and out there came this machine:)
This is my more only functioning Stirling engine (grin). The working piston is the condenser of an old camera flashlight. The cylinder an easy water pipe. The displacement compressor cylinder is an old insect spray can. The displacement compressor an empty tin of lighter gas. The stove and coolant container are tangerines tins. I have the flywheel with camp from a broken video recorder. The rest still lay about thus...
I have developed the pressure-thick guidance from an old " floppy disk drive 5 1/4. It was the guidance for the reading head, 2 brass shells and a chrom pole.
With tea lights or candles he does not run so well, mostly not at all. There I must make sometimes even a well-arranged spirit distiller, so that to me the fire not always as goes through as in the video is to be seen .:)
In such a way, wars only from me, would please me soon to see also a German Stirling engine on your side.
 Yours sincerely Andi

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