The Ennis Family History

By Michelle Boyd


Jurian Westfall and Maria Cuddeback

-Last updated 26 Jul 2002

Johannes Westfall and Marritje Cool

-Last updated 4 Feb 2002

Juriaen Westfael and Marritje Hansen (coming soon!)

Hans Jansen (the father of Marritje Hansen) (coming soon!)

Cool/De Grauw

Jacob Barentsen Cool and Marritje Sijmons

-Last updated 2 Aug 2004

Barent Jacobsen Cool and Marritje Leenderts De Grauw

-Last updated 30 Aug 2002

Jacob Arents and Aeltje Dircks (parents of Barent) (coming soon!)

Leendert Arentzen De Grauw and Leuntie Alberts Leydecker (coming soon!)

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Last updated 2 Aug 2004.