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I am descended from two different lines of the Quick family:
Line One
Thomas Quick and Margriet Decker -Last updated 25 Jan 2003
Dirck Theunissen Quick and Anna Jans Hodje -Last updated 22 Feb 2003

 Line Two
Teunis Quick and Claartje de Hooges -Last updated 11 Feb 2003
Thomas Theunissen Quick and Rymerick Juriaens Westfall -Last updated 15 Feb 2003

Theunis Thomassen Quick and Belitje Jacobs (the parents of Dirck and Thomas) -Last updated 15 Feb 2003

 Decker (Gerritsen)

Jan Gerritsen Decker and Jan Broersen Decker were two different men. They were not related to each other and came from different places. The name Decker was adopted by both families after the English took control of New Netherland and renamed it New York in 1664.

Gerrit Jans Decker and Grietje Jans Decker -Last updated 25 Jan 2003
Jan Gerritsen Decker and Grietjen Hendricks Westercamp (the parents of Gerrit) -Last updated 7 Feb 2003

Decker (Broersen)
Coming Soon!

Jan Broersen Decker and Heyltje Jacobs (the parents of Grietje)


Hendrick Westercamp and Femmetje Alberts -Last updated 21 Apr 2002

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