How the New Netherlanders Chose Their Own and Their Children's Names

The Basics

First Names

Last Names

A Word of Caution about Spelling

Special Issues with Women's Names

More Information

Pronouncing Names
Okay, so you just found out that your ancestor was a woman named Ijken Jan Kuijstensdr. How do you pronounce that??!!? Click here for tips and helps.

Nicknames and English Equivalents
Anthony=Teunis, Annetje=Anneke, Cornelia=Neeltje? The Dutch often used shortened names and other nicknames. Also, during the course of the 18th century, the descendants of Dutch settlers began to slowly appropriate English customs, including the use of the English equivalents of their first names. Annetje may be found in records as Anna, Jan as John, and so on. Need some help? Try these sources:

What are marks? Why were they used? Click here to find out.

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