Feedback for New Netherland Family History

How much prior experience, if any, do have with New Netherland genealogy?

Did you find the website interesting?

Does this website make you want to research your New Netherland ancestors?

Why or why not?

Did you find that the website was easy to navigate and use?

Was the writing style of the website understandable and appropriate?

Did you like the design of the website?

How meaningful and beneficial were the activities (such as the tests of knowledge)?

Which features or resources were useful to you?

How easy was it to follow the instructions?

How have you benefited from the website? Which skills have you gained or improved due to the website?

How well prepared to do New Netherland research do you feel after using this website?

What did you like the most about the website? The least?

What would you suggest to help improve the website?


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