Joseph Ennes and Grietje Van Etten

    Joseph Ennes was baptized 18 August 1751 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York, the son of William Ennes and Elizabeth Quick. He had two older sisters, Cornelia, who had died before his birth, and Margaret and two older brothers, Benjamin and Daniel, as well as four younger brothers, John (who died young), Cornelius (who died young), Alexander (who died young), and Cornelius and a younger sister, Catherine. Joseph married Margrieta (Grietje) Van Etten 22 June 1770 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York. Grietje was baptized 5 November 1752 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York, the daughter of Jan Van Etten and Marritje Westfael. She was the youngest child with four older sisters, Helena, Cathrina, Maria, and Margarita (who probably died before Grietje's birth), and four older brothers, Jacob, Daniel (who died young), Daniel, and Samuel.
    Joseph operated a ferry and served as a church officer in the Reformed Dutch Church. A Joseph Ennis is seen living in Sandyston, Sussex, New Jersey in 1830. While this may be the son Joseph, there is a male listed between the ages of 70 and 80 and is likely the elderly Joseph. Grietje probably died before this time as no females of an appropriate age are listed on this census.

Joseph and Grietje had:

1. Elizabeth Ennes, baptized 10 Feb 1773 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York
2. Wilhelmus Ennes, baptized 1 Sep 1775 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York, married Marie Ennis (his first and second cousin) in Dec 1796, settled in Spencer, Tioga, New York and possibly Reed, Seneca, Ohio.
3. John Ennes, baptized 24 Jan 1778 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York.
4. Joseph Ennes, born in 1786, baptized 8 Jun 1786 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York.
5. Daniel Ennes, born 21 Sep 1788, baptized 12 Oct 1788 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York.
6. Cattrine Ennes, born 27 May 1791, baptized 17 Jul 1791 in Machackemeck, Orange, New York.

1. Ennes, Calvin, A Bit About the Ennes, Au Gres, Michigan, 1969.
2. Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830, facsimile reprint by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1992.
3. 1830 Census, Sandyston, Sussex, New Jersey.

Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Machackemeck (Deerpark)

Page Number Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
123 1751 William Ennes Joseph Joseph Westbroeck,
Aug. 18 Elisabeth Quick Elisabeth Kuyckendal, his wife
126 1752 Jan van Etten Margrieta Johannes van Etten,
Nov. 5 Maritje Westfael Maria Gonsales, his wife
162 1773 Joseph Ennes Elizabeth
Feb. 10 Margriet Van Etten
166 1775 Josep Lenes Wilhelmus
Sept. 1 Margriet Vanett
170 1778 Joseph Ennes John
Jan. 24 Maregreta Van Netten
185 1786 Joseph Ennes Joseph,
June 8 Margriet Van Etten b. ---, 1786
190 1788 Joseph Ennes Daniel,
Oct. 12 Maragriet Van Etten b. Sept., 21, 1788
202 1791 Joseph Ennes Cattrine,
July 17 Maragreit Van Etten b. May 27, 1791

Marriage Record-1737-97 (Machackemeck)

Page Date Married
274 1770-June 22. Is married, Joseph Ennes to Grietje van Etten.
278 1796-Dec. Wilhelmus Ennes, Maria Ennis.

Church Members-1745-67. (Machackemeck)

Page Date Member(s)
285 1787-Aug 18. ...Grietie Van Etten wife of Joseph Ennes.
  " Sept. 28. Joseph Ennes

From the minute book of the Corporation and Consistory, the Minisink church, Page vii

"July 14th, 1816 the surviving members of the Consistory together with the male members of this Congregation met at the house of Mr. Stool the meeting was opened with prayers by the Rev. Charles Hardenbergh.
Whereas it Appeared that there were only two members remaining in Consistory Viz Abraham Westfall Elder and Joseph Ennes Decon it was
Resolved that the meeting proceed to the Election of church officers when the following persons were only chosen Viz
Abraham Westfall and
Joseph Ennes Elders

Peter Vannest and
Benjamin Depui Decons
The Elders and Decons Elect After having been published to the Congregation were Installed in their respective offices...

Source: Minisink Valley Reformed Dutch Church Records, 1716-1830, facsimile reprint by Heritage Books, Bowie, MD, 1992.

1830 Census
Sandyston Township, Sussex County, New Jersey

Ennes, Joseph:
   Males under 5:
   Males 20-29:
   Males 30-39:
   Males 70-80:
   Females under 5:
   Females 5-10:
   Females 10-15:
   Females 30-40:
   Females 40-50:

Excerpts from A Bit About the Ennes, by Calvin Ennes, Au Gres, Michigan, 1969.

    "JOSEPH ENNES, born 1751, son of William and Elizabeth Quick, married 6-22-1770, GRIETJE VAN ETTEN, who was baptized, daughter of Johannis Van Etten and Marrietje (Harriet) Westmeal. Joseph was prosperous. He ran a ferry across the Delaware River at Dingsman Landing. It is said that he aided two of his sons who migrated to New York in 1806 and settled in the vicinity of Alloway, New York. He sent them money and visited them about 1819...
Joseph Ennes (III) and Grietje' children were:
Elizabeth bp. 2-10-1773; Wilhelmus bp. 6-14-1775; Johannis J. bp. 1-24-1779; Joseph bp. 1-2-1786; Catrina b. 5-27-1791; and Daniel b. 9-21-1788 and bp. 10-12-1788. (taken from Machackameck Church records)
Wilhelmus married in 1793, his cousin, Marie (Ennes), daughter of Benjamin, who was killed at Raymondskill Creek in the Battle of Conneshaugh in April 1780."

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