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De Hooges

Johannes de Hooges and Margarita Post -Last updated 23 Mar 2002
Anthony de Hooges and Eva Alberts Bradt -Last updated 23 Mar 2002
Johannes de Hooges and Maria Tijron (coming soon!)
Jan de Hooges and Catharina de Draijere (coming soon!)
Antoni Tiron and Catharina Daneels (coming soon!)

Bradt/Van Rottmers

Albert Andriessen Bradt and Annetje Barents van Rottmers (coming soon!)
Who were Albert Bradt's parents? -Last updated 2 Mar 2003
Barent van Rottmers and Geesje Barents -Last updated 2 Mar 2003

See The Norwegian Bradt Family by Lorinne McGinnis Schulze:
Also Jacques Hertel and the Indian Princesses by Cynthia Brott Biasca:


Adriaen Crijnen Post and Claartje Moockers -Last updated 23 Mar 2002

The New Jersey Post Family -a useful article by Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Olive Tree Genealogy

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