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Surname Variation List Explanation

This list was made after using all the records at my disposal at the time. It is an on going list.. Additions and corrections are being made to it all the time. It is not possible to alphabetize this list and keep the names that are the same grouped together. So you must search a little.


Perhaps a brief explanation of how these census records were gathered and made and then years later translated.


A person taking the “census” back in the days (1767, 1798, 1834, 1850) had a hard time trying to change German names into Russian spellings. Some families could not read or write in German or Russian. They simply did not know how to spell their own surname. Item such as there is no letter “H” or an equivalent to it in the Russian alphabet made it very hard to do this also. Most of the “census” takers were Russian and did the best they could. So they ended up spelling the same surname two different ways on two different “census” records as the records were kept in Russian.


Now comes the second part of the problem. We take these records today and try to translate them back to English from Russian. Now you can get one, two or even three different way you could now spell the surname in English from Russian. Times that by two because you already have two different spellings by the “census” takers and it is “possible” to have 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 different spellings of the same surname. What do you do? You take the best guess that you can. I included many different spellings supplied by the translator on the census records to help with this problem. But most census record translations only give you one choice.


This list is not intended to show the “correct spelling” of a surname. After working with 4 “census” records and three translators I realized that is not possible. Instead, I though I would “group” together the names that I found was used to describe the same families. This was done while I was entering the names into the “Database” for Leichtling and grouping families together. It was obvious that they were the same families on two different “census” records as all the information including ages matched perfectly.


So this list was born. Is it perfect….no. Is it the final say……no.


It is only a list, so please don’t get after me for it. It is the work of many people trying to do the best they can with what they have. It was meant only to help.


Side note…..I put quote marks around the word census (“census”) because they were not always a census being taken. They might be original settlers list etc. We call them “census” records today.


I if you have any other name variations, please send them to me!! Comments or suggestion (such as a better way to present these names) are very welcome.


Thank you

Darryl Boyd

VC Leichtling

Leichtling Russia1

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