Leichtling Russia
Leichtling Russia1
                          Joseph’s Parish Records

Children born to Leichtling born parents who lived in Topeka, Kansas, and attended St. Joseph’s Parish
Compiled by Joan Hrenchir


Andrew Mader, born May 9, 1904, to Andrew Meder, and Anna Margaret Holzmann, Leichtling, Russia.

Pauline Birwirth, born Jan. 27, 1910, to . Franc. Birwirth, Leichtling, Russia, and Maria Walter, Kamenka Russia.

Elizabeth Goebel, born April 27, 1910 to Anton Gaebel, Gaebel, Russia and Cath. Miller, Leuchktling, Russia.

Marcella Paulina Meder, born Aug. 27, 1910 to Andrew Meder,  Kamenka, Russia, and Anna Margaret Holzman, Leichtling, Russia.

Mario Macht, born April 23, 1911, to Adam Macht of Kohler, Russia, and Elizabeth Schneider, Leichtling, Russia.

Cath. Goebel, born June 23, 1912, to Anthony Goebel, Goebel, Russia, and Cath. Miller, Leichtling, Russia.

William Birwirth, born Oct. 5, 1912, to Valentine? Birwirth, Leichtling, Russia and Anne M. Walter, Kamenka.

Margaret Mohler, born July 21, 1913, to Matthew Mohler, Leichtling, Russia and Elizabeth of Semenoka, Russia.

Bernard Meder, born Aug. 19, 1913, to Andrew Meder, Kamenka, Russia, and Anna Marie Holzman, Leichtling, Russia.

Jacob Goebel, born Aug. 23, 1913, to Anton Goebel, Goebel, Russia and Cath. Miller, Leichtling.

Anna Lang, born Sept. 11, 1913, to Peter Long, Leichtling, Russia and Cath. Saenger, Leichtling, Russia.

Rose Rudolf, born Aug. 18, 1914, to George Rudolf, Leichtling, Russia, and Anna Beckler, Streckenau, Russia.

Barbara Elsenbach, born Feb. 27, 1915, to Nicholas Elsenbach, Leichtling, Russia, and Barbara Bien, Leichtling Russia.

Joseph Saenger, born April 2, 1915, to Jacob Saenger, Leichtling, Russia and Juliana Gutlein, Hildman, Russia

Nicholas Schneider, born July 30, 1915, to Joseph Schneider, Kohler, Russia and Anna Sommer, Leichtling, Russia.

George Long, born Aug. 9, 1915, to Peter Long, Leichtling, Russia, and Cath. Saenger, Leichtling, Russia.

George Rudolf, born Jan. 26, 1916, to George Rudolf, Leichtling, Russia and Anna Beckerle, Streckenau, Russia.

Barbara Bin, born April 24, 1916, to Andrew Bin, Leichtling, Russia and Cath. Ziegler, Kohler, Russia.

Elizabeth Stamm, born June 1, 1916, to Jerome Goebel and Cath. Saenger, Leichtling, Russia.

Cath. Schneider, born Oct. 8, 1916, to Nicholas Schenider, Leichtling, Russia and Susan Miltonberg, Marienfeld.

William Birwirth, born March 10, 1917, to Valentine Birwirth, Leichtling, Russia, and Mary Ann Walter, Kamenka, Russia

Eduard Rudolf, born May 13, 1917, to George Rudolf, Leichtling, Russia, and Anna M. Beckerley, Strecknau, Russia.

Bernard Sommer, born June 12, 1917, to Ignatius Sommer, Leichtling, and Mary Reicheborn, Wamego, Kansas.

Peter Buhn, born July 8, 1917, to Andrew Buhn, Leichtling, Russia, and Cath. Ziegler, Kohler, Russia.

Peter Weigel, born April 13, to Casper Weigel, Pfeifer, Russia and Sophie Saenger, Leichtling.  Godparents:

Cath. Buhn, born May 22, 1916, to Andrew Buhn, Leichtling, Russia, and Cath. Ziegler, Kohler, Russia.   :

Cath. Stamm, born Sept. 25, 1918, to John Stamm, Goebel, Russia, and Cath. Saenger, Leichtling, Russia.

George Birwirth, born Sept. 26, 1918, to Valentine Birwirth,, Leichtling, Russia, and Mary Ann Walter, Kamenka Russia.

Marie Steinbock, born Oct. 24, 1918, to Phillip Steinbock and Agnes Elsenbach, Leichtling, Russia.


Peter Holzman, October 21, buried Oct. 23, age 33, of influenza.

George Rudolf, died Feb. 16, 1916, buried Feb. 17, age 3 weeks of pneumonia, son of George Rudolf.

Leichtling Russia1
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