Leichtling Russia
(A German Village in Russia)

Leichtling Russia1

Leichtling Move Ins and Move Outs List
These entries were taken from the 1798, 1834 and 1850 census records

Name In From Date Comments
Groh, Jakob
abt 1800
Died in Leichtling (from Pfeifer)
Hecht, Johannes Gobel 1816 With Family
Prediger, Dewald Kohler 1819 With Family
Full, Johannes Babtist (Funge) Franzosen 1825 Single moved
Funie (Phukie), Aloizeus Franzosen 1825 With Family
Funie (Phukie), Georg Adam Franzosen 1825 With Family
Funie (Phukie), Johannes Franzosen 1825 With Family
Funie (Phukie), Michael Franzosen 1825 With Family
Gro, Mathiaus Pfeifer 1826 With Family
Naab, Georg Kamenka 1826 With Family
Schefer, Michael Kamenka 1832 Single moved
Sommer, Heinrich Pfeifer 1832 With Family
Mildenberger, Johannes Wald 1833 With Family
Glenter, Nikolaus Pfeifer 1816 - 1833 With Family
Beiman, Joseph Kamenka 1836 -1849 with family
Freiberger, Dawald Kohler 1836 -1849 with family
Heil, Sebastian Rohtling 1836 -1849 with family   (Semenovka)
Iyat, Georg
Kamenka unknown
born about 1797
Barbara, Schwed
Daughter of Michael married Mathias Zeisler and moved to Leichtling
Namh, Kasper
Moved to Leichtling from Pfeifer
Eberle, Johann
Moved to Leichtling from Pfeifer   (born abt 1825)

Name Out To Date Comments
Groh, Johannes Pfeifer 1788 Single moved
Kemerer, Philip Vollmer 1788 Single moved
Kler, Peter Kamenka 1788 Single moved
Kemerer, Bartel Kamenka 1789 Single moved
Ewald, Marina Elisabeth Rohtling 1790 Single moved   (Semenovka)
Hildenberger, Margareta Katharinenstadt 1790 Daughter of Johannes married Wengert Johann and lives at mill in Katharinenstadt
Lang, Anna Maria Rohtling 1790 Daughter of Peter Lang married Johannes Bensak and moved to Semenovka
Muller, Paul Kamenka 1790 Single moved
Rudolf, Franz Pfeifer 1790 Single moved
Gallert, Maria Elisabetha Vollmer 1792 Daughter of Johannes Married Jakob Tsip (Zipf?) and moved to Vollmer
Kemeler, Nikolas Kohler 1792 Single moved
Mufert, Peter Kamenka 1792 Single moved
Ewald, Elisabetha Husaren 1793 daughter of Jakob married and move out
Miser, Michael Rohtling 1793 Single moved   (Semenovka)
Keberlein, Johannes Kohler 1794 Widower
Antonius, Nikolaus Beauregard 1795 Single moved
Bauer, Anna Maria Gobel 1795 Daughter of Michael married Michael Wunderlich and moved out
Alkofer, Anna Maria Gobel 1796 Daughter of Josef married Josef Schafer
Antonius, Peter Mariental 1796 Single moved
Einschenk, Josef Husaren 1796 Single moved
Groh, Anna Maria Frazosen 1796 Daughter of Sebastian married Josef Breit of Frazosen
Jager, Anna Maria Gobel 1796 Daughter of Bernhard married in Gobel
Molitar, Margareta Pfeifer 1796 Widow married Franz of Breit of Pfeifer
Vasenacht, Barbara Frazosen 1796 Daughter of Johannes married and moved
Kemerer, Anna Maria Preuss 1797 Daughter of Bartel married and moved out
Walter, Peter Gobel 1797 Widower moved out
Bauer, Katherina
Married Wilhelm Volmer abt 1866 and moved to Pfeifer
Diezen, Samuel Rohtling 1817 Single moved   (Semenovka)
Bernhard, Sebastian Degott 1820 With family
Zeisger, Johan Peter (Tzeisger) Keller 1820 With family
Holtzman, Peter Kamenka 1823 Single moved
German, Johannes Mariental 1825 With family
Lang, Peter Kamenka 1826 Single moved
Elsenbak, Michael Kamenka 1827 With family
Holtzman, Johannes Gobel 1832 With family
Rudolf, Jakob Schuch 1816 - 1833 With family
Rudolf, Michael Schuch 1816 - 1833 With family
Elsenbach, Joseph Hildmann 1836 -1849 single
Klein, Gotfried Kamenka 1836 -1849 with family
Walder, Peter Rohtling 1836 -1849 single   (Semenovka)
Miller, Katerina
Daughter of Andreas married Jakob Heinrich Roleiser

Leichtling Russia1

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