The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 24


       It was on the 9th of March that the dear Lord blessed us with another daughter whom we called Frances. Yes, the family is growing and still we have no certainty as to our new home in America.

      We did not give up all hope however and trusted in the mercy of the Lord. It so happened that a young student who had fled Russia and continued his studies in Berlin came to the Good Shepherd Sisters when school was out and worked for them until school started again. He slept in my room and he asked how we fared with our American trip. I told him it was nearly a year since we had all our papers and still we had received no answer. He said to me, “you know what Mr. Lang, those papers that are handed in before January 1st are sorted and the rest are thrown away. Wait until some time in December and go to the American Consulate again and tell them you want to go to America and show them your papers. That reminded me of the apostles who had fished all night and caught nothing and on the word of Jesus had cast the net again and were rewarded. So I too sorted all my papers and in December once more went to the American Consulate and showed them my papers and told them I wanted to go to America.

        It seems to me that the young student was sent to me by God to tell me what to do. My wife and I prayed and prayed. My wife in St. Michaels Church and I in the Covent chapel of the Good Shepherd. During that time we also found a new home not so far from the Good Shepherd convent so that I could spend the evening with my family. The good Sisters helped us a great deal. So it happened that in February 1927 I received a letter from the American Consulate and we should pay $10 per person for the visa. That was our big draught of fishes. I wrote to my brother in-law that he should again send us the ship fare which he did. After a month or so we had our belongings in order and we were ready for the journey. We bade adieu to the good Sisters and the workmen with whom I worked. They all wished us a happy journey and the Sister Superiors said they would all pray for us so that we had a safe and prosperous Journey.

      We left Berlin for Bremen that second of April 1927 and on the 5th of April we set sail and landed in New York the 17th of April and on the 18th _____ 1927 we came to Chicago to my wife's brother Andrew who welcomed us gladly.

      My wife said to me that in thanksgiving for this great favor we should offer the first child born in America to God for the priesthood. But God took the two daughters for the convent.

"Lord abide with us for the day is well spent and the night draweth near.

Your dear parents,

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