The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 22


Praised be Jesus Christ!

      After I had all my passports in order as well as those of Mrs. Rak I left by train for the town of Winize, about a half day's journey where the passports were given and after showing my papers I was told that I would be notified whether I could receive the pass or not. At the same time I received a letter from Caritas that they would send my passport to Germany to the Russian-German council in the town of Hnog and I should write there to get them. Now we had great hopes of leaving Russia but the Communists don't work so fast. But until we received our passports we worked and collected the necessary things for the journey and I thank God we no longer suffered want and our dear little Marie growing apeace. So about after a year I received a letter telling me to come to the council as also Mrs. Rak and we received our passports in April 1925. There was great joy when we returned home both for us and for Mrs. Rak and her son. So we packed our things and journeyed Kihop to the German council where we had received our German Passports, from there we had to go to Moscow where we had to get the Litvian and Latvian passports and all our papers had to be approved by Moscow before we could cross the boundary. We arrived in Moscow the first of May, and since that is a big holiday in Russia, we had to wait until the next day which wasn't so bad after all. We received our passports and then started our journey to Berlin Germany. It was about the 5th of May 1925. We arrived there late at night in the Alexander depot. And now our trouble began anew. The Caritas had no place for us so they brought us to a home for the sick. Here the men and women were separated and the children also alone. But be patient with God’s help everything will turn out well. Every morning I went to look for work. The Caritas brought my wife and Mrs. Rak to St. Hedwig’s Hospital and asked the supervisor if the two women couldn't help with the work. I also found a job repairing the streets. Now our little Marie was left -- but do not despair --there was no home to be had so, one of the men of the Caritas union asked the St. Elizabeth (society) home where the Sisters took homeless children and we brought our little Marie there. I also was given a room from the Caritas union. I had to do my own cooking. For a while we worked that way, but it was not pleasant. On Sundays we would visit little Marie but that was hard. One Sunday we went there and we were told that Marie was in the hospital. She had the mumps. We hurried there and found her with her head wrapped up. She was a little over a year old but we noticed when we left that she was sad. So we prayed and besought our dear Lord to give us at least a little room where we could live together. Our prayers were heard and an old widow gave us a room where we could be together again. Since I had steady work I no longer let my wife work. Our little Marie was well again.

May God bless you all.
Father, Mother and Family

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