The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 21


       But now I wrote to the North Lloyd Company this was a German Company who were then in Russia and asked them for the procedure to come to America. I also asked them whether the money they sent from America would be received and how they should send it. I received a letter from them which clearly explained the procedure. This was hard work for me but my confidence in the Mother of PERPETUAL Help never faltered. There was a great deal of writing to be done both Russian and German. This I could do myself. But first we had to have an affidavit from my brother in-law in America which had to be forwarded to German North Lloyd Co. in Russia where we were and at the same time had to pay for the trip. We also had to have permission from Germany from the Bresidism in Berlin. Thirdly we had to have a Russian permit to leave the country. All this was had enough but still the hope that all would soon be righted. I wrote to my brother in-law in America and told him all that he should do. After a long time we received word from him that he had sent everything to the North Lloyd Company in Russia and we should wait for 3 letters from them. He had also sent some money for us for our keep on the journey. He was indeed a good Samaritan. That was one step nearer the goal. But what should I do with the German through passage permit? I know no one in Berlin who would do that for me. But believe me Marie it was something like when Noah sent out the dove from the ark and it returned with a green twig in its beak. We then knew he would soon be able to leave the ark. We too were hopeful that soon we would be able to leave this tyrannical Russian Communistic land. So after much writing to and fro and also the other people who were with us received letters so I heard that in Germany in Berlin, there was a Catholic union that helped refugees to come to Germany if American friends would send money to defray the expenses. Again I appealed to my brother in-law in America. There was also a woman with us whose husband was in. America and as she could not write I also wrote for her. Both my brother in-law and Mrs. Rak’s husband sent $200 to the Caritas Society to defray expenses and we received our passports. But now came the third last step, the worst of all, the passport from Russia that we needed to have to leave that cruel land. After much trouble and work I gathered all my papers as well as those of Mrs. Rak and her young son so that then whey were called for we could show then. At this time we could also get work and for the silver rube we could buy what we wanted. We also received money from the North German Lloyd that our friends had sent there for us. Poverty and sickness were forgotten and we besought the dear Lord to bless us again with a child if that were His holy Will. We also received letters from home telling us that my wife's parents had died and that two of my brothers and a sister had departed. The rest of the family were scattered. This too, caused us great pain and sorrow.

      December 10, 1923 the dear Lord heard our petition and gave us a little chl1d who was baptized Mary. She was born in a little village, Kupin Kreis Kamerrez Podolski, Ukraina in a small room. There was neither hospital nor doctor so a midwife rendered her services. Both mother and child were well and happy after a few weeks and "I thanked God that He had granted our petition.

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