The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 20*

Peace be with you. 

        When I visited the people that had always been with us and now lived in a small village that was about 3 miles away from us as I had noted in my last letter, the man and his wife asked me to speak to the superintendent of the hospital and to plead for them so that they cou1d come and again have a roof over their heads. At once the words of our dear Lord flashed into my head. "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and you shall be opened unto”. I approached the superintendent and he sought him to allow the two people to come and live with us. The petition was granted and the next day I brought the two people in our room with us. At least the room was warm and clean. The children and my wife and I were not so well yet but spring was drawing near and the air is growing warmer and with the bright sunshine and the clear warm air the 2 children and we began to improve and feel that we could again go to work so that we could have something to eat. Since the superintendent of the hospital had no work for us and could not give us anything to eat, we moved away and found refuge with a poor old widow who let us use a room for nothing. Many a time she also gave us something to eat. My wife started to crochet shoes and the farmer’s women saw that and so they brought bacon and bread for a pair of shoes. We had money but we couldn't buy anything for it. So we continued working and my wife did housework for the Jews and received 3 pounds of bread for a whole day's work. We also sawed wood together and I split it. This was for the Jews and they helped us a great deal. This was in 1922. After the harvest things were improving. We had also found work with the farmers and they paid us with rye flour and bacon and potatoes. When it grew colder we split wood for heating and we received a silver ruble from the Jews for a wagon load. For the silver ruble you could buy what you wanted. This however was not our ambition. We wanted to go to America to my brother in-law namely Andrew Bien. We still had his address and so I started to write to him. It took a long time before we received an answer but at last I received a letter. He said he didn't know how he could help since the Communists would not mail that order pass.

(con’t next time)

        Thank you Marie for the nice letter you sent me for St. M1cheal's Day and I will try to continue my story. Mother and I had a cold but that too is passing along. Barbar's report read all 90's and 95’s. Andy is also going to school again. Francis and Herman and Family are well. The other evening I cut little Mike's hair and he was so happy.

 May God bless you.
Father, Mother and Katherine Lang

 * note from transcriber
This letter was marked as the 20th letter, but I believe it should have been marked as the 19th. The story is fluid from the 18th to the 20th letter without any 19th letter. So it is my belief it was just originally mismarked.

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