The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 13


                 In 1919 I was at home and worked in peace with my wife, but again not for a long time because the dissatisfaction among the people grew greater because the Communists persecuted the people and especially the priests too much. Once they notified our Village council that they wanted to draft our priests into the red army. I belonged to the village council. Those belonging to the council met and decided that we would have to have our pastor as assistant secretary of the village council. In this way we were able to keep our pastor. When the communists came and asked about him we told them he was the assistant secretary of our village council. 0ther things happened in which the people worked hard against the communists. For instance in the summer of 1919 these generals set themselves up. Generals Colseduck, Denicin, and Wrangel who received help from America and England. The three generals built up the armies whom they called the White Russians. The Communists were the Reds. One of the Generals moved his army from the south where we lived. One moved forward from the west and one from the east. It did not take long before the three generals had beaten the Communists who took flight. They passed through the German village in desperation. That was not as at present when everyone drives in automobiles. Then we rode by means of horses and wagon The Communists and their soldiers hurried from village to village and when they had driven their horses to death they left these with farmers and took his good ones instead. So they came to our village too and took one horse after another. A person could not say a word. I can recall the time when my father and I were in the yard and they took the second horse. My father said alright if we can keep the other four but that did not help, they eventually took all our horses leaving us some that were half dead. That vas really an example of pious Job, when he said “The Lord hath given and the Lord hath taken away”. Praised be the name of the Lord. and his wife said “Just hope in the Lord”. I can recall how many farmers were not like Job's wife swore and cursed the Communists and did not think the Lord hath given and the Lord hath taken away. Oh Lord Thy will be done. But that was not all. Now the communists officials arrived and gave the order that all male persons, that is those from the ages 18 to 50 were to go with the Red Communists. Those who herded the cattle were summoned too. So we four brothers had to go and fight with the Communists. So the commisars with their soldiers drove all the men 18 to 50 years of age together and father had to hitch the horses as had also the other old people and they took us away. But already in the village I overtook the horses and wagon and told my father to return home secretly. This he did so it continued. When we reached the second and third village my three brothers went back secretly. The white Russians arrived in our v1llage but I with the two horses and wagon was with the Communists because I did not want to forsake the horses and the wagon. The next part will relate how I managed to get away with horse and wagon from the Communists who guarded us young men.

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