The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 8


      My sickness in the hospital was contagious that no one was allowed to visit me. Should a friend or relative come they could peak to me only through the window from the outside. The whole hospital was quarantined. As food I could have all the milk I wished and jello for breakfast. For dinner broth just a little and in the evening tea but no bread. I was growing weaker and weaker and the infection in the mouth had loosened my teeth. They called it "Jinko" disease. The doctors came every morning and took a blood test and my arms and legs were covered with lumps where the injections had been made. So one morning when the doctor came again I Cried and asked it they had not taken enough blood. He never came again. My fever was high and many time I was delirious. The diagnosis was typhus in its various stages. I went through all of them. I was so weak that I could not walk alone. But one thing I must say that in all my trials and trouble I never forget to pray. Many a time I thought I would never see my friends and dear ones again. But my greatest worry was that there was no Catholic priest and since 1914 I never had the opportunity to go to confession and this was 1917, 3years. I implored God to give me the grace to get home so that once again I could receive the sacraments, but I also added "Lord Thy Will be Done". After about 2 months I began to recover and was able to walk alone when the doctor sent me to the sanatorium where I spent a month. After this I was sent to the clinic where I was examined by the doctors and they decided to send me home for a month. Can you imagine my joy! I was still very weak but the pleasure of being home again seeing my dear ones father and mother and the dear old grandmother buoyed me up.

My 3 brothers were also in war, my brother Jacob was in prison and the other 2 were in action so I could not have the pleasure of seeing them.

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