The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 3

Praised be Jesus Christ! 

      Holy Cross Day-- That reminds me of our old home in Russia. That was a great day. The Feast was celebrated in the village Koehler which was three miles from our village. We went there in procession praying and singing. And there were other villages 6 or 7 miles away that also came in procession to the church in Koehler. The parish choir from each procession stood before the cross outside the church and sang. Since each parish wanted to have the best singing choir the priests came along. The church was too small, the name was St. Michael church. It was impossible that all should come inside so when the church was f1lled we knelt in the road outside. That was when we were young but when today I think of it there are tears in my eyes. That was before the Communists came. One can hardly believe that things can happen like that. But if we think or the gospel story our dear Lord was Himself tempted by the devil, was condemned and died on the cross for us. He is the King of Kings and we poor ch1ldren of Adam should we wonder when things come upon us. I mean the land where Communists rules I know because I lived around it. Lived through it. Yes my dear that is the question. How many there are who say “Oh Lord thy will be done”, but how many too curse and hope that Communism will take the place or God. But I must not talk any more about Communism, how it is by us in the old home until I come back to the right place in my continued story.

Now I will go on with my story--- From Buenos Aires we had to travel by road for about 24 hours to the station Coronel Suarez there I had some relatives, namely my father's sister and her man, Johannes Lauman(They had come with my)They had been there for 11 years. To get there we had to travel by horse for several hours to the little colony called No 2. There my aunt Elizabeth had come with her three little boys.

      They had about 30,000 pesos in money and property but that is not much in America. They had a little house and when we got inside we saw my aunt sitting with a small basket or straw in her hands which she used on the cook stove to cook the midday meal. And when she saw me, oh I tell you that was a great joy that she saw me again. While my grandmother and her mother were still living about whom I could tell so much personally the meal would have been made right, but before we began to eat she came out with a cup and saucer with something that was so bitter that it was impossible for me to drink so she said, "You don't know that is style for us”, Then we had a good meal to eat and drink. We began to ask many questions for when a person is gone from a house eleven years there is much to talk about.

      Now Maria I ask if it is possible to send me a postal card as to whether I should continue my story or come to an end.

      Your dear parents, Michael and Katharine Lang with their children are all in good health and the dear God bless you, Sister Thomas Marie and all the Sisters who live with you.


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