The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 2

April 1950

 Praised be Jesus Christ!

      It has been told me that you my dear children, were very much surprised and pleased at the content of my last letter and more especially over the disciples' loving appeal to our dear Lord to remain with them for the day was far spent.

       Never before has this quotation struck me so forcibly as right now and my age in the 6o's is a gentle reminder that night is fast approaching for me too, and my constant plea must be " Stay with me, for it is getting towards evening and the day is far spent"

       When I recall the carefreeness of my youth, it all seems as a dream but one thing stands out clearly. How often have I forgotten Thee, my God? Still it is not yet too late to repeat that loving appeal or the 2 disciples." Abide with me Lord for it is growing dark and the days is far spent? Perhaps too, this would be a good example for our modern youth.

      In our modern world how beautiful and edifying it would be if grandma should die and grandpa standing at the open grave, perplexed and bewildered not knowing whither to turn and what to do, if then the children would say," Father remain with us, for the night approached and the day is far spent"

      Once I read in the paper that a certain beautifully groomed professor was walking along the street and with him was an old lady wearing old fashioned clothes. One his friends asked him, How is it that you were walking with such an old fashioned woman? He answered, "This old lady was my mother and she it was

who brought me thus far and that I have such a nice school and am so well dressed and I am not ashamed to walk with her. If our modern youth would think and act likewise our present world would be a better place to live in.

      Now for my trip to South America ----The goal ----Argentina The year 1908 in 8, September.

      Everything is prepared for the trip to the depot. Then my dear grandmother

comes with a bottle or holy water and said," Kneel down to receive the blessing or your dear ones”. Grandmother, Father, and Mother each one in turn sprinkled me with holy water and wished me "Godspeed". My father accompanied me to the depot and into the train.

      My grandmother had given me a small prayer book and a picture of the archangel Rapgael and exhorted me to pray often to the archangel Raphael to be your steady companion. I recalled the story of Tobias I had learned at school.

      I was 19 years at the time. It was a very hard trip. Three days journey brought us to the port. There we embarked on a ship of some 2000 passengers. As soon as we were on the high seas sea sickness became evident among passengers. I my self did not reel so well but I constantly recalled my story or Tobias and the archangel and redoubled my prayers. Storms the first weeks or our trip caused much misery and at times it seemed however the ship would sink. After 2 weeks however the sea grew calmer. All told the trip lasted 30 days till we reached Buenos Aires in Argentina.

To be cont.

The Lord bless you...Father and Mother and all.

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