The Michael Lang Letters
Letter 1

February 15 1950

Praised be Jesus Christ

My dear Child Thomas Marie,

         This is principally about me your father, Michael Lang. As the time is always too short when we visit with you in Milwaukee, I will now give you a sketch of my early youth when I was about 5 or 6 years old. At that time we were 3 boys and one girl. The two boys were old enough and my sister younger than I. As the winters were very cold we had to remain in the house with my grandmother. Now when it grew dark and moon beams shone through the windows, we three boys began to play and jump around the room as frisky as lambs. Grandmother watched us for a time until we grew too noisy and wild. Then grand-mother would say," Now boys, that's enough .Come and sit down by me on the bed. Then she said," Now. I'll tell you a story" And as we listened very attentively, she taught us the Our Father, the 16 Commandments, and the Apostles Creed so that when we were able to go to schoo1 we knew the prayers and could make progress in our work in winter.

        In summer when father and mother drove on the field, we youngsters wanted to ride along. As soon as father had harnessed the horses, we boys jumped on the wagon and said," May we drive along to the field grandmother? We knew very well that someone had to stay at home with grandmother. Grandmother answered, " Yes " We were up to the door when grandmother takes Michael out or the wagon. Not without tears, however on the part or Michael, but grandmother knew only too well how to soothe a crying child. And so it continued until my 14th. year and there were 7 children and not any or us able to help very much. My mother was sick very often. One time, especially, I remember she was so very sick that I was afraid she was going to die.

        I went to church and prayed that God would let my mother live till I was 18 years old. And God heard my prayer. My mother recovered and died after my l8th birthday. She was about 45 years old.

      Even in my younger years I was always troubled about our family and then the troubles increased. My eldest brother's wife died and now we were 5 sons and 2 daughters with our father and our old grandmother.

      We 3 brothers could help with the work on the field but the work at home was too hard for my old grandmother. Our field too small for us now and so I hired out by a carpenter and learnt the trade and so earned a little money to help the good cause along.

      My father married again and I told him I would like to go to South America where I had a cousin. I told him I could earn more money and then we could buy more land.

      The next time I will continue with my narrative. At home every thing is going on nicely God be praised. I am still working 6 days in the week and you know mother doesn't think of ever resting even, if she is not feeling well. Barbara is doing very well in school and Andrew does well.

      Hearty greetings from our dear ones, Your family your parents mother and father, Michael and Catherine Lang and family. May the Lord stay with us as it is growing dark and the day is far advanced.


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