Hill Richardson

Hill Richardson was born in about 1775. He may have been born in Rhode Island. The only reference to his place of birth is in the 1850 census, and the writing is not very clear.

1850 census, showing Hill and Sarah's places of birth

Hill married Sarah in about 1795. He first appears in the records in the Federal Census of 1800 for the town of Otsego, Otsego County, New York. He is shown as being between 26 and 45 years old. Hill and Sarah are thought to have had children in about 1796, 1798 and 1801. Their names are not known. A son, Freeman, was born in 1802. Another son, Arunah, was born in 1809, possibly in Oswego, New York.

Between 1800 and 1810, Hill and Sarah moved to Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York. A daughter, Florilla, was born in 1810. Hill is found in the 1810 census records for the town of Ellisburg. A son, Ami, was born in about 1812.
(1810 census, Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York)

Hill served as a soldier in the War of 1812. He enlisted on February 28, 1813. His rank was a private, and he served first in Captain Jonathan Scott's Company, and then in Captain Brooks Harrington's Company, 55th Regiment, New York Infantry Militia. Hill served from February 1813 to August 1814. He was paid eight dollars per month. A biographical sketch of his grandson, Jasper, mentions Hill's service in the War of 1812.

Muster roll for Hill Richardson

Hill left the Army in August of 1814. Two more children were born to Hill and Sarah, in about 1814, and 1816. Their names are not known.He purchased land in Ellisburg in April of 1816. Another land purchase was made in Ellisburg in May of 1817, which begins:

"This indenture made the eighth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and seventeen, between Hill Richardson of Ellisburgh in the County of of Jefferson and State of New York and Sarah his wife of the first party, and Elijah Gore of Ellisburgh.."

In 1820, Hill is found in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York. He is shown as being over 45 years old.
(1820 census, Ellisburg, Jefferson, New York)

Between 1820 and 1830 Hill moved to Stockton, Chatauqua County, New York. On early land records he is listed as Hill Richardson of Jefferson County, New York.

The 1830 census for the town of Stockton, Chatauqua County, New York has an entry for Hill Richardson. His son, Freeman, is also shown in the town of Stockton. There are no other Richardsons in Stockton at this time.
(1830 census, Stockton, Chatauqua, New York)

The 1840 census for the town of Stockton shows Hill Richardson. On the next farm is Hill's son, Freeman Richardson. Within the town are Arunah, Louisa, and Ami (male) Richardson. They are all younger than Hill.
(1840 census, Stockton, Chatauqua, New York)

The 1850 census for the town of Stockton, Chatauqua County, New York shows:
Hill Richardson, age 75
Sarah Richardson, age 78

Living on the farm next door are:
Freeman Richardson, age 46
Rebecca Richardson, age 42
Jasper Richardson, age 18
Matilda Richardson, age 15
Amanda Richardson, age 13
Squire F. Richardson, age 9
Miray Richardson, age 8
Florilla Richardson, age 2

(1850 Federal Census, Stockton, Chatauqua, New York)

Hill is not found in the 1860 census, and is thought to have died between 1850 and 1855. His son, Freeman,  moved to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Hill and Sarah are most likely buried in Stockton.


HILL RICHARDSON was born in about 1775, possibly of Rhode Island. He married Sarah. Sarah was born in about 1772 of Massachusetts or Connecticutt. Hill and Sarah both died after 1850. Hill and Sarah had the following children:

1. (Child), born in about 1796.
2. (Child), born in about 1798.
3. (Child), born in about 1801.
4. Freeman, born 5 July 1802 in New York; married Rebecka Smith in 1830 in Stockton, Chautauqua, New York; died 17 February 1868 in Campbell, La Crosse, Wisconsin.
5. (Child), born in about 1803.
6. Arunah, born in 1809 in Oswego, New York.
7. Florilla, born in 1810.
8. Ami, married Charlotte Smith.
9. (Child), born in about 1814.
10. (Child), born in about 1816.

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